Virtual Reality Tourism

Virtual Reality, the technology revolution is about much more than video games.

“Virtual reality, which I think is going to change the way both many of the things that we do today are and some new and important areas are transformed, like tourism, ” said Shaun Collins, CEO of research group CCS Insight.

The big opportunity for VR will be helping consumers make decision about where to travel, according to analysts at tourism market research firm Phocuswright.

“It can be especially valuable for destinations that may not have a top-tier attraction with a lot of name recognition, but has great natural cultural attractions that can give travellers confidence that this is the place to go,” Douglas Quinby, vice president of research at Phocuswright.

While the travel industry makes up its mind on whether VR will market holidays or replace them we’re starting to get an idea of what VR tourism might look like. Try before you buy 360-degree photos and videos of exotic destinations are already on Cardboard and Gear VR. And yes, kicking back and transporting yourself to the mountains or the sea is enough to give you that rush you’d get from the real thing.

But what comes more?

What comes next is feliXart’s revolutionary tourism business. Not just seeing a 360-degree photos, we’re bringing you there exactly with only your mobile phone.

  • Make your customers come there exactly. Save their time while searching.
  • Make them feel the ambiance at all. Lights, sounds etc.
  • Increase sales and improve experience for your customers.
  • New age advertisement company to promote your place.
  • Use new technologies and resources.

Meanwhile, hotel operators are using VR devices to offer more experiences to guests. In September, Marriott Hotels launched the “VRoom Service”, where guests could borrow a VR device and experience “VR Postcards”: immersive stories where the users can visit Chile, Rwanda or Beijing.

“Travel expands our minds and helps push our imagination,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president of Marriott Hotels, in a press release. “VRoom combines storytelling with technology, two things that are important to next generation travellers.”

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