How Did We START?

We built our way on innovation. Started from a corner of a house, now serving 3 continents.

How Did Our Story Begin?

A passionate team that sets off with the aim of establishing the sentence:“I have lived my life; as best as i could.”feliXart is a 3D studio founded by a young and experienced team. Our motivation is to raise our business that we are passionate about to the world standards, to be the champion of innovations in this technology, to decrease the need of people trained in our country and to make our company a center of attraction in its sector.

-feliXart 2013

On our way with these sentences; For years we have advanced to reach our goals, and we have also made many friends and experiences on this path.


feliXart – 2013 first Office.

Tübitem 2017 – TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. AHMET ARİF ERGİN While trying our Augmented Reality Application.

Virtual Reality Meetings 2 2017 – Our founder is making his presentation.

Kocasinan Municipality 2017 – Kocasinan Mayor Ahmet ÇOLAKBAYRAKDAR While trying our Virtual Reality applications.

feliXart 2016 – Office Cases

Kayseri 2017 – First Augmented Reality integrated billboard

feliXart 2015 – Office Cases

feliXart 2016 – Application promotional video shoots

Germany 2016 – People watching our first feature 3D Virtual Reality animation for our client.

Virtual Reality Meetings 2 2017 – Fatih Deputy Mayor While trying our Virtual Reality applications

Simfer 2017 – R&D Manager While testing our Virtual Reality application.

METU 2019 – Tourism 4.0 Panel

feliXart – 2015 Celebration after the first Virtual Reality Animation developed.

Tübitem 2017 – TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Arif ERGİN While looking at our Seyrizaman project.

feliXart  2018 – Before the TV news.

feliXart 2017 – Office Cases

feliXart 2015 – Office cars 🙂

feliXart 2015 – The first feliXart cake, then the sequel never diminishes.

feliXart 2016 – While trying out the First Virtual Reality Application.

feliXart 2018 – Office Cases

feliXart 2018 – Application promotional video footage

Hollanda 2018 – Müşterimiz için geliştirdiğimiz Sanal Gerçeklik uygulamasını deneyen insanlar.

METU 2019 – Tourism 4.0 Panel



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